New Drawing. Attack of the 10ft Pregnant Woman.

Emma and Julian. Extended drawing.

Sub title; Attack of the 10ft pregnant woman, because she would probably be 10ft if she stood up. Blown the size restriction for just about every drawing competition going again, shame! It looks much lovelier in real life, the scale of it doesn’t translate onto a computer screen. Detail below.

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Renaissance Style Drawings

Thanks to all the students who were involved in the Renaissance style drawing classes supported by the Da Vinci’s Demons production team. Here are some of my Renaissance efforts that are being used for set dressing. Some of these are large scale, others are as small as A5.

This was my second attempt at silverpoint. I hated it the first time, but working directly with Ben allowed my focus to shift from the media onto my subject matter and his representation. Will use it again love the historical baggage attatched to this media.


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